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The RADD Collective had the honour of producing this song for Carley Fleischmann. Carly wrote this song despite the fact that she is a non-verbal autistic woman. It’s all about facing life’s challenges head on and living the life of your dreams.

carly-fleishcmannFrom Carly:

I’m a Glamour Girl! And that’s OK.

Our whole lives we are met with challenges, in school, at home, at work and even in our personal life. However, it’s how we deal with those challenges that make us who we are.

“How are you ever going to become a rapper if you have a speech impediment?”

Lil Jaxe

“How are you ever going to be a country artist if you don’t have enough self-esteem to make it on the big stage?”

Kaitlin Kozell
“How can you write a country song if you can’t even communicate out of your mouth?”

Carly Fleischmann

These are words the three of us have heard our whole lives. Everyone in the world has his or her own personal challenges. Today the three of us have overcome our challenges. I wrote and helped produce a song and asked my friends to sing along.

Today is the day you can help us make our challenges fade away. Please click on the link below to share our video. Then please click on the like button to show the world that challenges are only little waves in the water that we should strive to swim over.

This song has been written by Carly Fleischmann who is diagnosed with autism and oral motor apraxia. Carly cannot speak a word out of her mouth. However, Carly can type on a keyboard to communicate.

Carly has asked Kaitlin, an upcoming country artist who is facing her own challenges as a result of low self-esteem due to bullying, and Lil Jaxe, a rapper who has caught the world’s attention for being a fluid rap artist despite a speech impediment that makes it hard for him to get a word out, to collaborate on this project. Together they have teamed up to show the world a powerful message.

“It doesn’t matter what your challenges are as long as you’re ready to try to overcome them.”