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Dezz Asante


Dezz Asante is a lifelong musician, an educator, an entrepreneur and a father. Starting at age 6 on the piano he has gone on to develop skills on the drums, the bass and the guitar as well. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and has taught hundreds of musicians over the years. This passion for teaching is also what led to the foundation of the TechMuze Academy. The Academy is a place for DIY musicians to learn about music production and music marketing via the TechMuze podcast as well as the two pillar courses, and The Artist Promotion Blueprint.

Dezz is also one half of the acoustic duo Dezz & Carol who have been writing, recording and performing since 2013 and are currently working on their second full length album. Their first album, “Living Room Sessions” can be found in iTunes, Spotify and everywhere else digital music is available.

Now, as the newest member of The RADD Collective he is excited to see what great work will be done and how many more musicians will benefit from the efforts and talents of this great collaboration.